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I have a Joy, Joy, Joy, Joy Down in my Heart! – Lyrics by George William Cooke

Dear Friends of teli,

I write to you with “Joy Down in my Heart” as I reflect back over this the 60th Anniversary year of teli.  We had a wonderful celebration in September with our Board and Friends, we have provided services to 1,566 children and families in Early Intervention in Allegheny and Washington Counties and increased the number of children seen in our Cyber School initiative.  We provided programming to children and their caregivers at the See Saw Center and provided Infant Massage classes in several communities.  We began Therapeutic Listening, a sound based intervention with sensory activities, helpful to some children with sensory related disorders.  Our Helping Hand fund assisted families in need with special equipment and basic necessities to give them the boost they need to become self-sufficient through a crisis.

We celebrate this season of joy at teli all year round with our specialized services for children in the early stages of their development. We know our kids show improvement, we know they go on to be successful in school, and we know that the early intervention offered sets the stage for a life time of success—however each child defines it for him or herself.

Join us in spreading JOY throughout the year by making a generous donation to teli. You can make your donation today on line.

Thank you in advance for your joyous support!
Becky DiLettuso, MSW
Executive Director

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