Top 5 Benefits of Early Intervention

Are you new to and/or considering Early Intervention for your child? Here are the top 5 benefits you will want to know!
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Top 5 Benefits of Early Intervention

Understanding the Benefits of Early Intervention

1. Early Intervention helps your child make the most of learning through play.

Purposeful play is a child’s work and essential to brain development, particularly during their first three years. If your child appears to be experiencing developmental challenges, getting support early and understanding exactly how services can help is essential.   Opportunities for play with a caregiver or Early Intervention specialist can facilitate the development of the skills needed for problem-solving, self-control, socialization and communication.

2. Early Intervention may reduce the need for specialized instructional support during a child’s school years.

Early Intervention can be effective in helping a majority of children make progress toward achieving age appropriate developmental milestones.   Children receiving Early Intervention support may show potential for increased academic readiness and to better be able to interact with their peers.

3. Early Intervention occurs where your child is most comfortable and becomes part of their routine.

teli therapists will meet with your family in a natural environment such as your home, or day care.  Children are most comfortable in familiar environments, and as a result Early Intervention activities become part of your daily routine. Your child will progress by repetition and incorporation of strategies into meal time, play time, and bed time.

4. Early Intervention services are provided at NO COST to families.

The value of Early Intervention in addressing developmental delays has been recognized.   As a result, through  available funding, Early Intervention services are able to be provided to families at no cost.

5. Early Intervention empowers families to help their child reach their true potential.

As a parent, you are your child’s primary teacher. Through Early Intervention services, you will be empowered with the tools necessary to help your child through their developmental challenges, so that they may reach their full potential.

As a parent, if you have concerns about your child’s development, we are eager to help.   teli has partnered with countless families to celebrate the successes of Early Intervention for over 60 years.