What Comes After teli Early Intervention Services for My Child?

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By Brooke Racicot, Senior Director of Therapy Services

The first several years of life are a critical time of brain development for a child, building the foundation for years to come.  At teli, our therapists work with families and children with developmental delays and address those concerns in those first three years with the appropriate therapies that will enable a child to reach his or her full potential.

As your child is approaches three years of age, you, your teli therapist, and your health care professionals may assess the need to continue speech, physical, occupational, or other therapies. These services are available through several local providers, including The Children’s Institute of Pittsburgh.

A recent affiliation forged between teli and The Children’s Institute provides seamless support for families in continuing care after the completion of Early Intervention Services. 

How do I access additional services for my child?

Begin by consulting with your health care provider as well as your teli Early Intervention therapist to discuss how additional therapies could assist your child.  You can either ask for a referral from your physician or you can self-refer.  From there, the process begins with an evaluation of your child by the provider that you select. Information from teli’s Early Intervention therapists will also be shared to understand the progress your child has made as well as opportunities for further growth. A care plan will be prepared that identifies the type and frequency of services required to continue to support your child.

What services can my child receive?

Providers such as The Children’s institute offer a range of services to address your child’s needs and are staffed with therapists who have extensive experience with children from birth to adult. Services include:

Physical Therapy – Physical activity and skilled movements provide essential building blocks for further development. These skills support children as they explore their environment through structured play.

Occupational Therapy – A child’s work is their play! Incorporating activities that help children to develop skills of everyday life, like feeding and dressing, enable them to explore their world and do more things independently.  

Speech Therapy – Speech is an important form of expression. Stimulating language development through integrated play helps a child understand and communicate with the world around them.

Nutrition – Proper nutrition is an essential part of overall health. Ensuring your child has a nutritionally balanced diet will provide them with the energy to learn, grow, and develop.

Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) – The ABA program at The Children’s Institute provides comprehensive services for children with autism. The collaborative services include speech, occupational therapy, physical therapy, behavioral health, and nutrition/feeding programs and can be conducted on-site and via telehealth. In-home ABA services are also available when clinically appropriate..

For more information about The Children’s Institute and to learn more about their services or call 412-420-2400.

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