The Early Learning Institute (TELI) | February 27th, 2019 |

Your United Way Contribution Can Help teli!

Your United Way Contribution can help teli!

Just enter teli  @  148!

Your donation to the United Way can go a long way to continue teli’s important work with children and their families in need of support.

Donations ensure that evaluation instruments, teaching aides and specialized equipment can be purchased to work with children undergoing ongoing therapy to improve.

Please designate your donation for teli by entering United Way Contributor Code Number 148!

Your support for teli’s work in Early Intervention help children with development delays achieve milestones that they may not have reached without therapy.

teli and their families thank you for your consideration!


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teli provides therapeutic Early Intervention for children birth to 3. We're here to help every child reach their potential! Early Intervention