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The Early Intervention Experts for Families with Children with Developmental Delays


Serving Pittsburgh, Allegheny County & Washington County


Concerned about your child’s development?

Whether your child is a new born, or in elementary school, parents always have a keen sense when something just doesn’t seem right! Have you shared your concerns with your health care provider, but still are not quite sure where to turn?

How can teli help you?

Facing these challenges can be daunting! You have a partner in teli! While age specific Child Developmental Milestones are a valuable tool, the following are some of the concerns parents have observed:

  • My child is having problems with eating.
  • My child is not able to turn their head or reach for their toys.
  • My child is not babbling or making sounds.

If your child is under the age of 3 and you answer Yes to any of these questions, teli can help through our Early Intervention therapies. Contact us today or call us at 412-922-8322 to understand how your child can receive these services free of charge!

Or perhaps your have other concerns about your child or adolescent such as…

  • My child is receiving or has received Early Intervention Services and they need more support.
  • My child has difficulty interacting or being understood by others
  • My child requires more support than our school district is providing
  • My child is having trouble forming a sentence

If your child is past the age of 3 and has not received Early Intervention therapies and you answer Yes to any of these questions, teli can help through our Outpatient Rehabilitation Program. Contact us today or call us at 412-922-8322 to understand how your child can receive services that are covered by most insurance companies.

Why choose teli to help your child?

teli’s extensive experience in Early Intervention and Outpatient Rehabilitation services has helped countless families and their children realize their full potential. Our SUCCESS STORIES are the real testimonials for how teli has impacted children’s lives that began with challenges, maybe much like your child, and the journey teli traveled with them!

teli Early Intervention therapies for children 0 to 3 years of age  include:

Language / Speech Therapy, Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Vision Services, Hearing Services, Developmental Therapy, Nutrition Services and Social Work Services.

teli Outpatient Rehabilitation therapies for children and adolescents include:

Language / Speech Therapy, Occupational Therapy

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