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    At teli, we believe in your child as much as you do!

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    At teli, we believe every child can learn when provided with appropriate supports.

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Early Intervention for Child Developmental Delays


Are you concerned about your child’s development?   Worried about developmental delays?  teli is the leading resource for thousands of families in Pittsburgh and the Western Pennsylvania area that need help by providing essential early intervention services for children with developmental delays.

Faced with the challenges of identifying specially targeted early intervention services for your child is daunting!  At teli, we pride ourselves in working with your child to provide comprehensive therapeutic programs that supports them as well as the whole family.

teli Early Intervention Services

teli provides specific early childhood intervention programs such as Language / Speech Therapy, Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Vision Services, Hearing Services, Developmental Therapy, Nutrition Services and Social Work Services.

While others may tell you what your child can’t do…we believe in helping them show you what they can do!

Please DONATE - teli provided nearly $400,000 in charitable care last year. Join us in helping children with special needs to reach their full potential – make your gift today

Parent Resources

The teli Advantage


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