teli’s Coronavirus Update

Don’t Delay Your Child’s Development!


Your child’s health can’t wait! Don’t delay your visit – check with your health care provider about their implementation of CDC guidelines for appointments today to get your child’s health care back on schedule.   Developmental delays addressed as soon as possible through Early Intervention Services can make an enormous difference in the life of your child and teli can help!


A well-child examination, necessary vaccinations and developmental assessment performed by your health care professional are essential to your child’s health. This time will also provide you an opportunity to discuss any concerns you may have.  If  you are wondering about your child should be doing based on their age, check out teli’s valuable  reference guide   Understanding Your Child’s Developmental Stages


Learn how teli is providing contactless Early Intervention teletherapy  sessions in the comfort of your home.




Your Pittsburgh Area Connection to Early Intervention

The Early Learning Institute (teli) is a nonprofit provider of Early Intervention Services with over 60 years of experience helping children with developmental delays reach their true potential. teli provides therapeutic Early Intervention for children birth to age three. teli is a true partner in the care of your child, working to identify and maximize your child’s unique strengths. teli has helped countless families and their children achieve results by building on those strengths and abilities.

Why is Early Intervention so important for your child? The first three years of life provide an important foundation for your child’s lifelong learning. Here are the top 5 benefits you should know!

teli has been a trusted resource for families for more than 60 years. Learn more about our dedicated staff and the impact we make through our broad range of Early Intervention Services.                             

Finding the right resource is essential when you have questions about your child’s development. Researching scary behaviors such as speech and language delays or diagnoses and syndromes that you can’t even spell, can be overwhelming. But there is help! See more about developmental stages, concerns, helpful tips, and how to go about getting help.

Meet some of our Alumni! teli takes great pride in our important work of helping children be all they can be. Our children are the stars and continue to inspire us on a daily basis. We proudly share their stories of challenges, hope, and determination!