Early Intervention

What is Early Intervention?

The objective of teli’s Early Intervention is to assist children in reaching the age-appropriate developmental and educational milestones necessary to grow and learn, ultimately equipping the child to enter kindergarten and be successful in school.

Why is Early Intervention important?

The first three years of life provide a critical time of brain development for a child, building the foundation for their adult life. Identification of any developmental delay concerns and addressing those concerns early with the appropriate Early Intervention therapies, such as Speech Therapy, Physical Therapy, Pediatric Occupational Therapy, and Developmental Instruction will enable the child to reach their full potential.

At teli, we pride ourselves on Early Intervention programs that work with your child to provide personalized care that supports them as well as the whole family. While others may tell you what your child can’t do…we believe in helping  them show you what they can do!

Do you have concerns about your child’s development?

We know that parents know their child, so if something in their development just doesn’t seem right or if your child is not doing the same things other children their age are doing such as:

  • Babbling
  • Sitting Up
  • Controlling head movements
  • Crawling
  • Smiling
  • Grabbing objects
  • Recognizing sounds
  • Able to feed him/ herself

Not sure where to turn? We can help!

As Early Intervention Specialists, we can help!

teli’s dedicated professional staff has been helping families for over 55 years  to address  developmental needs for your child  through  teli’s  Early Intervention programs for children  from  birth to 3 years of age.

teli is guided by a core philosophy that every child can achieve their potential if given the right supports for developmental delays you may be seeing in your child.   We work hand -in-hand with families, listening to them and supporting them and working with their child to reach goals in their custom Individualized Family Service Plan.

teli Services are designed to meet each individual  child’s developmental delay  needs   through a wide range of Early Childhood Intervention Services  that are  coordinated to address your child’s needs.


teli services are available to help you to access Early Childhood Intervention Services to address your child’s developmental delays  through: