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Early Intervention Success Stories

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teli takes great pride in our important work of helping children be all they can be. Our children are the stars and continue to inspire us on a daily basis.

Meet Some of Our teli Alumni!

When parents are faced with the challenges of a child who doesn’t seem to be progressing as other children, Early Intervention can make all the difference in the world.   Often, learning about other children’s experiences in similar situations can provide comfort and assurance. At teli, we know the journey is not an easy one, but with over 50 years experience in Early Intervention, we know we can help!

We proudly share the following stories from our alumni who provide a significant source of hope! Click on the names to learn more about their challenges, hope, and determination!

  • Heather – Diagnosed at an early age with a rare neuromuscular disorder, Spinal Muscular Atrophy Type II, this accomplished young woman with two engineering degrees has not let her disability stop her from achieving great things for herself  as well as advocating for others.
  • Jace A young man diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder, who has been achieving impressive academic and personal   goals in high school.
  • Teagan – A young toddler showing amazing progress from a difficult beginning when her parents realized that she was not developing at the same rate as her peers.
  • Morgan – When this young infant was not developing like her peers, her parents searched out teli Early intervention to provide her the help she needed today to  get her  on track and ready for elementary school.
  • Conner –   teli Early Intervention services provided the foundation needed to a child diagnosed with autism, to help him realize his dream to work in health care.
  • Kerry –  A story of hope for a child with Down syndrome, who has mastered skills once thought unthinkable.
  • Abby – A diagnosis of Spina Bifida did not stop this child from getting the help she needed. Today she is embracing her passions of cheerleading, singing and softball in high school.
  • Aditi – A medically fragile infant with developmental delays has been able to reach important developmental milestones as a preschooler!
  • Courtney & Vivian – Sisters facing enormous challenges from Spina Bifida and prematurity realize the benefit of getting help early.
  • Joseph – Born with a cleft palate, speech was difficult for this toddler, today this preschooler has transformed into quite a chatterbox.
  • Julie – After 3 months in the NICU, this premature infant has been able to reach developmental milestones her parents never imagined.
  • Luke – A medically fragile premature infant received teli Early Intervention services to build strength and reach important milestones. Today he is an active preschooler.
  • Nelly – A diagnosis of epilepsy with associated developmental delays led this family to seek out support and help her reach her true potential!
  • The Bishoff Boys – Premature quadruplets required extensive Early Intervention supports from teli and are today thriving in middle school.
  • Laura – Her parents just knew she was not developing as her peers and immediately got her the help she needed. Today she is a successful college student with a bright future!

Parents, do you have a story you would like to share?  We’d appreciate hearing from you!

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