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teli early intervention therapists have identified specific things to look for and questions you may have with regard to your child’s sleep.


How Can Bedtime Rituals Help Your Child Sleep?

Is bedtime often a challenge for your child?  You can hear it now: “Just one more story Mommy!” “I need a drink of water Daddy!” “There is a monster under my bed!” At teli, through our Early Intervention services, our therapists work with parents to help them establish a routine that their child can begin to...
early intervention and child sleep issues

Does your child have problems sleeping?

Is bedtime a battle in your home?  The end of a long exhausting day for you and your child – and your child is fighting that sleep every step of the way. The exact reason your child is working hard to stay awake is exactly the reason  why sleep is so important to their well...

The Calming Effect of Infant Massage

A gentle touch can do wonders to help anyone feel loved and cared for.  For an infant that may be going through a fussy period or may be experiencing colic, a gentle touch can help to quiet them in the moment as well as nurture their growth and development, communication and learning. Vanessa Doherty, a...