teli Early Intervention TIP: Tummy Time…

teli Early Intervention Tip - Tummy Time1. Every time you put your baby down on the floor, start them on their tummy with a cute toy, even if they don’t stay long before getting fussy, for example, after a diaper change while you wash your hands, after getting dressed, when coming out of the car seat (feels oh so good to stretch!), or when moving from room to room.

2. Have a mirror on the wall or mirror toy to put in front of the baby when on the floor. Babies love to see themselves!

3. Keep those music toys working – babies are calmed/distracted by music toys!

4. Have “circle time” be tummy time with several babies facing each other.

5. Roll a small blanket or towel into a soft “log” to lay under babies chest to help him/her lift their head and push on their arms a little.

6. Lay baby over your lap if you are playing with another older child. Then you can rock, wiggle, bounce the baby to help keep them happy.