Melissa J. Maegle, Physical Therapist

Melissa Maegle, Physical Therapist

Melissa received her Master’s in Physical Therapy from Gannon University and has a Bachelor’s degree in Sports Medicine with a concentration in Athletic Training from Mercyhurst College.   She brings to teli extensive experience in the evaluation and delivery of pre-school and school based physical therapy services.  Additionally, as a Certified Athletic Trainer, Melissa has worked with a number of high school athletes in the past.  These experiences have provided her with an excellent insight into working with children of all ages with physical challenges. Her interest in impacting children at a young age has drawn her to teli to work in Early Intervention.

Family Comments:

“Melissa is fabulous! She is always finding new and creative ways to work with our son to achieve his goals and is focused on making it fun for him.  She does research to better understand his condition and finds strategies that work best with him.  When he first started seeing Melissa, he could barely lift his feet off the ground. He is now jumping off and over objects with both feet! She is by far the most involved physical therapist I know!”

Melissa’s Early Intervention Reward:

  “I truly enjoy my job! I love helping and teaching children to grow and develop their motor skills. I find it very rewarding and I am glad I get to be part of that process!”