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Where is Early Intervention Therapy delivered?

Kim Morrow, Developmental TherapyOur busy lives take us to many places with our children outside the home, including child care, the supermarket, the playground and all the places in between.  So how do you integrate Early Intervention Therapy for your child into your outside world?

At teli, we believe a child is most successful in Early Intervention Therapy when we meet them and their family where they are!  The family routine spans different locations and presents different challenges for a child with developmental needs.

“We want to understand your routine and help you and your child be successful in all the unique situations that are part of your day and your desire to have typical experiences with your child,” says Kim Morrow, a Developmental Therapist for teli.

How does teli integrate Early Intervention Therapy into my family’s life?

With over the 31 years of experience in Early Intervention as a Developmental Therapist, Kim works with families and their children across all developmental areas including cognition, socialization and behavior. Building a relationship of trust with the family by listening to their concerns and their dreams enables Kim to provide them with the tools to be successful.

Most Early Intervention Therapy sessions may begin in the home where the child and family are most comfortable.  Depending upon the child’s needs, there may be a number of therapies involved in the care of the child  which include physical, occupational, speech as well as developmental therapies.  Each specific teli therapist has their expertise in working to engage children with developmental needs to explore playing with everyday items that develop motor skills, coordination, etc.

How do I transition my child from the comfort of home to social situations?

Venturing out into the world, be it the playground or the supermarket, may be the next step once the child and parent are feeling more confident. This typical activity may at first seem like an insurmountable challenge for a child with developmental delays such as Autism or Down Syndrome.  Initially, parents may be hesitant to try new things outside of their home with their child. At teli, our therapists are focused on helping both the family and the child through the transition.

“I work with families to provide them with concrete ways to reduce their stress and strategies to enable their child to thrive and achieve success in a setting outside the home.  My goal is to offer parents the confidence to manage the experience,”  says Kim. “We work to provide you with the best tools to address meltdowns and guide you to make the most appropriate decisions to manage the situation.”

How does my child receive Early Intervention Therapy from teli at a child care center?

Another reality of today’s working families is the transition of children with developmental delays into child care/day care.  teli therapists work with parents and their children to help them adjust to a new environment  and routine. Additionally, as a Developmental therapist, Kim will partner with the child, family, and childcare staff in an effort to address the special needs of the child.  Together they develop strategies within the childcare routine to aid each child to make a successful transition and continue to thrive in a group setting with other children.

Kim, as well as other teli therapists are certified instructors in the PA Keys System for childcare providers. As instructors, teli early intervention therapists provide professional development for childcare staff to help them understand how to best work with children with developmental delays and their families. “We work with the staff to help them understand what our families are doing in the home and provide them with the tools to support the family and child in their childcare environment.”

At teli, a child’s Early Intervention Therapy has many facets, all of which are tailored to the needs of the family and the child. From the variety of therapies provided inside and outside of  the home, including Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy, and  Developmental Therapy, teli  is focused on meeting you and your family wherever you are. This commitment ensures your child receives a truly holistic family focused approach to Early Intervention Therapy and has the greatest success in their journey.

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