10 Family Friendly Halloween Activities in our COVID-19 World

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Halloween will be looking a bit different this year. Unlike any other holiday, masks are a “normal” part of Halloween, but remember that both the nose and mouth need to be covered to make the mask effective. The Center for Disease Control is advising that traditional trick or treat activities can be high risk for spreading COVID-19.

child dressed for halloween

CDC guideline suggestions to prevent the spread of COVID-19 are still in effect: social distancing and proper hand washing in addition to wearing a mask!  While the AVOID LIST includes no packed parties or bobbing for apples, there are there are still ways to create your Halloween memories in a safe AND fun way for your child.

At teli, as a provider of Early Intervention Services, we understand the value of play and family interactions in your child’s development.  To help, we have gathered a list of ten family friendly alternative Halloween activities to choose from to engage your child in creative play and fun.

  1. Consider drive through Halloween activities in your area!   From the safety of your car, check local listings for contactless, drive-through haunted roads or neighborhoods lit up and decorated!
  2. Halloween movie night.   Grab a blanket and relax on the couch and select a favorite age appropriate Halloween movie like the classic “It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown” or “Casper the Friendly Ghost” for the whole family to enjoy.
  3. Halloween Themed Walk Through. Visit an open-air, walk-through Corn Maze or Pumpkin Patch on an off- peak time, where appropriate mask use is enforced, and people can remain more than 6 feet apart.
  4. Paint a Halloween Pumpkin.  After your walk through the Pumpkin Patch to find your special pumpkin, try your hand at painting with your child. Choose a washable paint so you don’t have to worry too much about the mess!
  5. Plan for Halloween themed story times. Check your library for a list of suggested Halloween books to get your child excited about reading! Many libraries are offering curbside pick-up during COVID-19.
  6. Get crafty this Halloween.  Start early with some themed craft sessions. Paper chains, pumpkin drawings on the front door or small white trash bag ghosts stuffed with tissue for the head hanging from the trees are a good start.
  7. Plan a scavenger hunt alternative to trick or treat. Hide treats and send your child on a fun scavenger hunt around your house and yard instead of around the neighborhood.
  8. Make some homemade Halloween treats. Make some simple no- bake treats that your child can easily help you create.
  9. Host a virtual Halloween Costume party. Use Zoom or other technology and invite your child’s friends and family to join in a dance party, a show and tell, a singalong or just a chat!
  10. Drive by to deliver treats to loved ones. Consider a “drive-by” to drop off a Halloween treat to family and friends. No trick.. just the treat!

For more information on staying safe this Halloween and  preventing the spread of  COVID-19  visit the CDC- Safe Halloween Guidelines

Please note that If your child has an underlying health condition and high risk for COVID-19 you should discuss trick or treating with their health professional.

If you would like more information on teli Early Intervention services, just call 412-922-8322. Don’t let COVID-19 put your child’s development on hold. Learn about our teli contactless Early Intervention tele-sessions.

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