Speech Therapy for Children

Early Intervention Speech Therapy for Children

Are you concerned about your child’s ability to make sounds and form words?  Is feeding time a difficult time for you and your child?

Early Intervention Speech Therapy for children from teli can provide the proper guidance to address your child development concerns.  Speech is an important way to expresses who you are!  As a child develops their speech, being understood enables them to relate to others and their environment.  teli  Speech and Language Therapy for children with developmental delays help children move from frustration to  stimulating language development integrated with play.

  • Speech Therapy for Children is focused on helping children learn how to improve communication skills, in addition to assisting with related feeding issues that often are associated with childhood developmental delays.
  • teli early intervention Pediatric Speech Therapists in the Pittsburgh / Western PA area, work with children to decrease frustration and improve social interaction by incorporating purposeful play therapy into the family’s daily routine to encourage speech and language development.
  • Early Intervention support for feeding issues are addressed In conjunction with teli  Pediatric Occupational Therapy and  Developmental Instruction Therapy, through a series of breathing, swallowing and chewing exercises tailored to your child’s needs.
  • Our early intervention child speech therapy staff utilizes a wide range of specially designed speech and language therapy techniques, to make learning and practicing fun, and help the whole family support your child’s success.

Why teli?

  • teli employs a staff of Speech Therapists for Children to ensure that you and your child build a relationship with a care giver, which is an essential part of your child’s ability to thrive.
  • teli Child Speech  Therapy services are provided in the location of your choice… your home, your day care… to ensure it is comfortable for you and your child, as well as provide early intervention therapies that are appropriate for their daily environment.
  • teli Early Intervention therapists are some of the most prepared, devoted and caring health care providers helping children with developmental delays, many with more than 20 years of experience.  Parents of children with developmental delays look to teli for help.

Meet our Pediatric Speech Therapy Staff:

Beth Anzaldi, Speech Therapist
Kelly Beddall, Speech Language Pathologist
Teri Chase, Speech Language Pathologist
Kristi Keele, Speech Language Pathologist
Kristen Lang, Speech Language Pathologist
Christine Large, Speech Language Pathologist
Lea Uhl, Speech Language Pathologist
Dana Valerio, Speech Language Pathologist
Diane Wolfe, Speech Language Pathologist
Kelly Zigarovich, Speech Language Pathologist

View a Speech Therapy Session:

teli Early Intervention Therapies in the Pittsburgh / Western PA area: In addition to Speech Therapy for children, teli provides Occupational Therapy for children, Pediatric Physical Therapy, Developmental Therapy, Vision Services, Nutrition Therapy, Hearing Services, as well as Family Social Work and Community Services.

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