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Children who fall behind in meeting developmental milestones often qualify for no-cost early intervention services. Early intervention helps young children who are facing developmental challenges to master skills through purposeful play.

With more than 60 years of experience serving families, the early intervention experts at teli are highly trained at identifying each child’s strengths, setting goals, and equipping families with tools to help children reach their full potential.

At 18 months, can your child:

  • Play pretend in simple ways? Assert independence by resisting you?
  • Point to things they want, follow simple directions, and find familiar objects/people you name?
  • Walk well, squat and stand back up, and climb up stairs? Do they stack two to four blocks?
  • Scribble with crayons, turn thick pages of books, and know the purpose of common objects?
  • Hold and drink from a cup (with some spilling), try feeding themselves with a spoon, and take off some clothing?

At 24 months, does your child:

  • Try to do many things independently? Is it hard for them to share toys? Will they play next to other children but not with them?
  • Regularly learn new words, use two-word sentences, and identify simple body parts?
  • Throw and kick a ball, run, and climb on and off furniture unassisted?
  • Try to see how things work? Match a few shapes? Listen to a short story or song?
  • Wash their hands with help and know generally where household items belong?

You are the expert on your child, and the team at teli are the experts helping children ages 0-3 with developmental delays. Our team is here for you and your child – view our child development stages resource for more information.

You have a choice when selecting your early intervention provider – remember to choose teli.

Did you know? teli is now an affiliate of The Children’s Institute of Pittsburgh. Read more here.

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