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Speech teletherapy

teli Offers Teletherapy During COVID-19

Don’t let COVID-19 put your child’s Early Intervention therapy on hold! teli offers Early Intervention teletherapy with our professional staff of physical therapists, occupational therapists, speech and language pathologists, and developmental instructors. Where does the teletherapy take place? You and your child can get started in the safety of your own home and all you...

Introducing New teli Board Officers

We are happy to announce the election of a new teli Board President and Treasurer. Join us in welcoming them as they share their expertise and commitment helping to guide teli into the future. Anthony Gabbianelli, was elected President of the Board and has been a member of the Board since 2016 as Treasurer. Anthony’s...
parent talking to child

Talking with Your Child About the Coronavirus

Helpful information on talking with your child about the coronavirus. This is a difficult time for all of us and for children especially as they see their routine changing drastically. The Center for Disease Control has provided suggestions on how to talk to you child about the Coronavirus.  While it is hard for toddlers in...
At Home with Early Intervention

teli Is Your Resource for Child Learning Activities!

teli is your resource for activities to help keep your child learning! teli has gathered a wide range of activities to engage your child not only to reinforce Early Intervention recommendations but to help you and your family play together as we weather this time in our world.  Remember that play is a child’s work!...
Jace early intervention success story

Early Intervention and Autism – A Testimony of Hope for a Child’s Future

 Reviewed & Edited by:M. Rebecca DiLettuso, MSW, Executive Director Growing up with an Autism diagnosis adds a whole new dimension to the lives of a child and their family.  However, with strong family support and Early Intervention, a child can achieve their true potential with encouraging results. A teli Alumni with an Autism diagnosis has...
Motor Plan Development and Early Intervention

Motor Plan Development and Early Intervention

By Callie Lodico, teli Physical Therapist As children grow they begin to build upon a host of skills that govern strength and movement to develop what physical therapists call a “Motor Plan”. This term describes the mastering of a combination of fine and gross motor skills that coordinate your body’s movement and enable you to...
early invervention evaluations

Child Developmental Concerns? Consider an Early Intervention Evaluation

By Lea Uhl, teli Speech Language Pathologist Child development during the first three years of life has an enormous impact on a child’s achievements later in life.  So how do you insure your child is developing within those guidelines? To help parents and their child, an Early Intervention Evaluation is a service funded by the...
blind sports for visually impaired children

Providing Resources for Visually Impaired Children

Getting involved in sports for young children is a way to explore, learn teamwork, get great exercise AND have fun! We know that for young children with vision impairment, participating in sports might be challenging. A nonprofit organization, Envision Blind Sports is addressing this challenge and getting young children onto the field of play.  teli...
baby speech development

Baby Speech Development – Communication Without Words

By Kim Morrow, Developmental Specialist Communication is an essential part of everyone’s world.  How you interact with others or how you express your needs are all important ways in which you relate to others in your environment.  While adults and children use words, babies communicate very effectively from birth without words. Infants express themselves through...
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