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Nichole Merz, Early Intervention Coordinator

Choosing an Early Intervention Provider? The choice is yours!

By: Nichole Merz, Early Intervention Coordinator Are you concerned about your child’s development? Do they appear to be missing some of the milestones that you may notice in other children? For over 60 years, teli has been supporting children and their families through Early Intervention Services. What exactly is Early Intervention? Early Intervention provides children...
child language development

How Can Early Intervention Help a Child with an Autism Diagnosis?

By: Nichole Merz, teli Developmental Specialist Early Intervention provides an enormous advantage for a child with autism. An early diagnosis can be valuable to ensure that a child has every possible opportunity to address delays associated with an autism spectrum diagnosis.  Most recently, screening for autism as early as 2 years of age has been...
Jace early intervention success story

Early Intervention and Autism – A Testimony of Hope for a Child’s Future

Growing up with an Autism diagnosis adds a whole new dimension to the lives of a child and their family.  However, with strong family support and Early Intervention, a child can achieve their true potential with encouraging results. A teli Alumni with an Autism diagnosis has been achieving great things that might have been unimaginable...
Autism Awareness ribbon

April is Autism Awareness Month – How teli Can Help

Autism and Early Intervention When a parent hears the word “Autism” it can cause enormous concern about their child’s future.  But there is more hope now than ever!  There are significant and effective resources that provide hope to thousands of parents. Every child’s needs and abilities are different and particularly with children on the Autism...
early invervention evaluations

Child Developmental Concerns? Consider an Early Intervention Evaluation

By Lea Uhl, teli Speech Language Pathologist Child development during the first three years of life has an enormous impact on a child’s achievements later in life.  So how do you insure your child is developing within those guidelines? To help parents and their child, an Early Intervention Evaluation is a service funded by the...

Has Your Child Been Screened for Developmental Delays?

Should your child be screened for developmental delays and why is it so important? Why is screening for developmental delays so important? Early detection of childhood developmental delays that are addressed with Early Intervention support can make an enormous impact in the life of a child. Their ability to accomplish academic and physical milestones as...
therapy session with toddler

What Comes After teli Early Intervention Services for My Child?

By Brooke Racicot, Senior Director of Therapy Services The first several years of life are a critical time of brain development for a child, building the foundation for years to come.  At teli, our therapists work with families and children with developmental delays and address those concerns in those first three years with the appropriate...
early intervention teletherapy sessions

Early Intervention Teletherapy – What to Expect

teli has not let COVID-19 stop its important work with children who have developmental delays.  We have been providing contactless Early Intervention teletherapy now to ensure families can still receive these crucial services. The first three years of life are essential to a child’s development. Electing to delay services could have enormous repercussions for a...
child dressed for halloween

10 Family Friendly Halloween Activities in our COVID-19 World

Halloween will be looking a bit different this year. Unlike any other holiday, masks are a “normal” part of Halloween, but remember that both the nose and mouth need to be covered to make the mask effective. The Center for Disease Control is advising that traditional trick or treat activities can be high risk for...
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